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  • Address: 132A SE 11th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Now Enrolling for VPK 2020/2021, and for all class age ranges – infants to 4 years. If your child misses the VPK cut off, please contact us for our special program.

Parent Information


Welcome to One World Preschools. We are a Broward County registered and Apple Accredited preschool, dedicated to providing your child with the highest quality care and education services. 

We are non-denominational, and have been successfully providing preschool services for over 10 years. Our team is very stable, with some teachers having been with the school for its entire history, providing essential continuity for infants and children from birth through VPK. 

One World Preschools is committed to the values of celebrating and respecting all peoples, families and children of the world, and of providing a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment for play, education and growth. 

We pride ourselves in working flexibly and in positive partnerships with parents, and we look forward to building such a relationship with you should you choose One World Preschools. 

We hope you do. 

Vision Statement

We believe all children have the potential to flourish, and we aim to provide the safest environment, the most fun, intellectual and creative experiences, and the best learning opportunities, to allow your children’s natural abilities to shine. 

Above all, the happiness and wellbeing of your children, and the trust you have placed in us, will always be our paramount focus. 

Mission Statement

Our objectives are to develop intellectual and creative children by offering diverse experiences that provide for exploration and experimentation, while encouraging physical, social, and emotional growth.  

Through our comprehensive educational and social program children will develop skills, attitudes and values that will benefit them throughout their lives.  

Our school will provide a variety of activities including free-choice and teacher directed, individual and group play, creative and informative situations, participation and observation, indoor and outdoor play, music, art, science, literature, physical education, drama, and cooking 

Our qualified teachers and staff will incorporate into the curriculum activities that reflect individual children’s cultural and family background.  

We will enrich the opportunity for new learning and support parents in the development and education of the whole child. 

Services and Fees

Summary, Deposit and Fees

The school accepts infants and children from birth through VPK, and up to 9 years for Summer and Winter Camps. 

There is a $50.00 Registration Fee for all services, except VPK and the School Readiness program. However, after 4 weeks attendance the Registration Fee is wholly refunded by being deducted from the fifth weeks fee. 

One World Preschools welcomes children supported by the Early Learning Coalition School Readiness program. If you are unaware of this assistance program please speak to the Director and/or Manager, or visit www.elcbroward.org . 

General Preschool Tuition Fees (Weekly) 
Times Offered  Infants  

(Full Time Only) 

Toddlers  Twos and Threes 
Mon to Fri 

7.00am to 6.00pm 

$220.00 $205.00 $195.00 
Mon to Fri 

9.00am to 3.00pm 

$220.00 $185.00  $175.00 
Three Days 

7.00am to 6.00pm 

$220.00 $185.00  $175.00 
Three Days 

9.00am to 3.00pm 

$220.00 $175.00  $165.00 


VPK and Preschool Care Pre  

and Post VPK Care (Weekly) 



Pre VPK 


Post VPK Preschool Care 


Post VPK Preschool Care 



Tuition fees must be paid at least one week in advance, on the Monday of the week your child is to attend. Therefore, on the first week of attendance the $50.00 refundable Deposit will have been paid, plus Tuition fees for that first week. 

One World Preschools uses the award winning Hi Mama software. Amongst many things, this allows invoices for Tuition Fees to be sent directly to an app on parent’s devices. Parents can also pay these invoices from the Hi Mama app on their device, using a Credit Card or their bank details. This is the preferred payment method, although payment can be made manually in the office using a Credit Card, Debit Card, Check or cash. Bank charges incurred by One World Preschools as a result of returned unpaid Checks will be applied to future fees. 

Unfortunately, credit cannot be given in any form for days missed due to illness or vacation. 

Should you wish to withdraw your child from the school written notification must be given at least two weeks in advance. Should two weeks notice not be possible, you will still be liable to pay Tuition fees for the two weeks worth of school services. 

Tuition fees must be paid when the school is closed for the National Holidays, family vacation time, and when your child is absent due to sickness (unless hospitalized or infectious), and for any periods when the school is closed beyond the control of One World Preschools. 

Tuition fees do not have to be paid when an attending child becomes hospitalized through accident or illness, or is absent due to an illness which is infectious. In these circumstances the school place will remain open free of charge. 

One World Preschools will always seek to work with parents in respect of fees, but is committed to sustainable investment in all our children, families and staff. 

Hours of Operation

The school is open from Monday to Friday inclusive, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.  However, in the event of actual or forecast extreme weather conditions which may present risks to children we reserve the right not to open the schoolIn most cases we will follow the decisions of the Broward County School System in deciding to close the school due to inclement weather.  

National Holidays when the School is Closed

The school is closed on the following National Holidays.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth Freedom Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Day After
  • Christmas Day

Preschool Curriculum

One World Preschools seeks to take the best from various approaches, to form curricula best suited to different ages, abilities and needs of individual children. 

One World Preschools embraces the Reggio Emilia philosophy, allowing children to explore their world, learning through experiences – touching, moving, listening and observing, with endless opportunities to express themselves and share their thoughts and ideas. At the center of the Reggio Emilia philosophy is a belief in the natural development of children. 

One World Preschools follows the Learn Every Day curriculum, which provides detailed lesson plans for a child centred approach based on self and Teacher directed activities. This facilitates hands on learning and collaborative play, with children making creative choices and learning through their own experiences. 

We develop positive interactions, develop trust and show a child that their world is safe and reliable, and they will receive consistent and loving care, and constructive and purposeful play which supports learning. 

Every classroom has a Daily Schedule – posted and designed to be clearly understood by children, and 6 weeks of written lesson plans – also posted in each classroom and available for parents to inspect. 

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

One World Preschools is an Approved provider of the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program for all children who are 4 years old before the 1st of September.  

The VPK program is free, and consists of 540 hours of instructional time, beginning in August. 

One World Preschools typically provides free VPK education between 9.00am and 1.00 pm. The final hour between 12.00 and 1.00 pm includes lunch as well as an enrichment activity. One World Preschools provides Spanish, sports, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) as enrichment activities. 

There are significant benefits of early education and the VPK program. The most important growth and development in the brain happens by the age of five. These early years are the learning years. A child’s ability to be attentive and to follow directions emerges in these early years. Structured early learning fosters these abilities for later success in school and in life. 

VPK prepares children to be ready for school. Children who participate in high-quality early childhood education programs develop better language skills, score higher in school-readiness tests and have better social skills and fewer behavioral problems once they enter school. They are also better prepared for Kindergarten, especially in the areas of pre-reading, pre-math and social skills. 

VPK promotes a love of learning in children, enhances what a child learns at home and instills a love of life-long learning.


Minicamps are preschool care and education within summer, winter and spring holiday seasons. The same curricula and standard of care are provided during these periods. 

All children, from birth to 9 years are welcome at minicamps. 

Minicamps are charged at the same rate and under the same conditions as term time Tuition Fees. 

Snacks and Meals

One World Preschools provides all infants with formula milk and baby food. 

One World Preschools provides all other children with breakfast from 7.00am to 8.30am, a nutritious mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, and lunch. 

Many parents choose to pack preference snacks for their children. However, we encourage parents not to pack candy, gum, soft drinks, doughnuts, sugar muffins, chocolate items and/or peanuts as snacks. 

We are part of the Family Central Child Care Food Program, which provides nutritious meals from Approved Menus. These menus are posted in reception for parents to inspect. 


When first contacting One World Preschools you will be invited to visit and tour our facilities. This will include meeting the Teacher for the classroom your child may attend. The Manager will discuss with you your child’s needs, and what we can offer in terms of preschool care and education to meet them. 

At the end of the meeting you will be provided with a pack of information and forms, including (but not limited to): 

  • This Parent Handbook 
  • Enrollment Form 
  • Authorization For Emergency Medical Treatment Form (notarized) 
  • Authorization For Medication (if applicable) 
  • Alternate Nutrition Plan (if applicable) 
  • Discipline Policy / Hours of Operation 
  • Swim Central Statement 
  • Physical and Food Activity Authorization 
  • Know Your Child Care Facility Brochure with Confirmation of Receipt 
  • Influenza Virus Brochure with Confirmation of Receipt 
  • Distracted Adult Brochure and Confirmation of Receipt 
  • Access to Information Agreement 
  • Infant Safe Sleep Agreement 

Should you choose to enroll your child with One World Preschools all the above forms will need to be completed and signed, as well as an Immunization Record and Statement of Good Health from your Doctor. All of the above forms, other than the Immunization Record and Statement of Good Health, will accompany this booklet in a Welcome Pack. 

In addition, a refundable $50.00 deposit will need to be paid at the time of enrollment. This will be deducted from Tuition Fees after 1 month of attendance. 

Some classes may have a Waiting List. Should this be the case the Deposit will still be required at time of enrollment, to secure a place on the Waiting List. However, it will still be deducted from Tuition Fees after 1 month of actual attendance. 

One World Preschools will give priority to siblings of children already attending the school, and children returning to the school. 

Communication with Parents

Following the Registration process parents will be invited by email to download and join the One World Preschools Hi Mama app. One World Preschools uses the award winning preschool Hi Mama software and app for many aspects of our service including: electronic signing in and out of children; daily communication allowing parents and Teachers to send notes directly to each other in real time; daily reports of children’s progress during their day sent directly to parents devices; electronic sending and payment of invoices; and profiles on children allowing Teachers to have direct and immediate access to important information. 

The entire system is a network of the Hi Mama central system, and classroom and management ipads, linking securely with parents own devices, allowing immediate real time communication.  

The result is parents have a constant link to their child’s life in our preschool. 

One World Preschools also uses Calling Post bulk email and text system to provide a secondary immediate form of communication at times of emergencies. 

Items to be Provided by Parents

The following items must be provided by parents when their child attends One World Preschools: 

  • One fitted sheet and light blanket for children aged 3 years and younger 
  • A painting smock 
  • Diapers, wipes and other infant items as needed 
  • Two complete seasonal changes of clothes (underwear, shirt, pants or shorts, and socks). Even if a child no longer has accidents, unusual circumstances can cause an accident and clothing may be required for other reasons, such as rips or spills. 

Children must be dressed for active play. Sandals without socks, CROCS and flip flops are not considered suitable footwear for play. 

Except by special request on show-n-tell days, all toys should be left at home. Toy weapons (guns, knives, swords) are not permitted. Please do not bring jewelry, fragile items, or items of personal value.  We cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of such items. 

All children’s personal items should be clearly marked with their name. 

Arrival and Departure Procedures

On arrival, and on each and every day of arrival, all parents must accompany their child to reception, and sign in on the Hi Mama system on the main tablet computer in reception. This will require an electronic signature from the parent, but will automatically record the exact time and date of arrival. The parent must then take their child to their classroom, or to the playground if the class is outside. Parents must hand their child to the Teacher, who completes a second Attendance Register for their classroom, and needs to know your child has arrived. 

The above procedure is absolutely vital for the safety and welfare of your child. Please do not be offended if we repeatedly remind you of this. 

All parents must drop off their child on time – at the scheduled time. Frequent lateness can be very unsettling for your child, for their class as a whole, and for the lesson planned by the Teacher for the daily scheduled period.  

Your child will have a “cubby” marked with his/her name on it where all their belongings should be placed. The school is not responsible for lost articles. Please regularly check your child’s cubby for notes and/or artwork in the “cubby”.  These notices may contain important information. 

When picking up their child, all parents must attend reception first – before collecting their child from their class – to sign out on the Hi Mama system on the main tablet computer in reception. This will require an electronic signature from the parent, but will automatically record the exact date and time of leaving. The parent will then collect their child from their child’s specific classroom Teacher, who will complete their own class Attendance Register confirming the child has been picked up. 

This procedure is again absolutely vital for the safety and welfare of your child. Please do not be offended if we repeatedly remind you of this. 

Only authorized parents or people authorized to pick up a child will be allowed to do so.  Please inform us of any changes to the list of persons authorized to pick up your child. 

During the Registration Process parents are asked to provide a “Password”. When parents cannot pick up their child, the persons they have nominated and authorised on the registration forms as having permission to pick up their child must have this “Password” and an official photo ID Card like a Driving License. When any of the nominated persons arrive to collect the child they will be asked for the specific Password and their ID which will be photocopied. 

No one who is not nominated and authorised on the registration forms will be allowed to pick up the child, even if they have the Password and photo ID. Any person who does not have the Password and photo ID will not be allowed to collect your child, even if they are nominated and authorised on the registration forms. Additions to the list of nominated persons authorised to pick up the child cannot be made by telephone under any circumstances. The only persons allowed to pick up the child will be registering parents or carers, and the persons they have nominated as being authorised to pick up the child who also have the Password and photo ID. 

Once again, this procedure is absolutely vital for the safety and welfare of your child. If an unidentified person attempts to collect your child from One World Preschools, we will refuse all and any attempts made by them to remove your child and may call 911 if they persist. 

One World Preschools will not release a child to any person who is intoxicated or impaired. 

Late Pickup of Children

One World Preschools closes at 6:00 pm. However, the scheduled daily program for some children may end earlier. 

Please respect the closing hours of the school, or the end of the scheduled daily program for your child.

If you are delayed, please phone in to tell us. Advanced warning allows us to provide Teacher coverage beyond scheduled times, and essentially to reassure your child who will be distressed. 

A Late Pickup Fee of five ($5) dollars per child for the first 5 minutes will be charged for children picked up after the time assigned, according to the school clock.  It is $1.00 per minute late thereafter.  One late pick-up will be excused.  The late fees collected go directly to the teacher who had to stay late with your child.   

We do not provide a late fee policy as a service. Parents with excessive late pick-ups may jeopardize their child’s placement. 

Weather Related Closings

In the event of an impending hurricane, One World Preschools will adhere to the following procedures:  

Parents will be informed of early closures as soon as the decision is taken using the Hi Mama system and secondary Calling Post bulk email and text system. We typically base our decisions for closing on those of the Broward County School Board, and ask that parents check Broward County Schools hotline and/or website, as well as the local news, to be informed of such closures.  

If the staff need to prepare the school building and playground areas for an impending hurricane or threatening storm, early release may be necessary and parents will be given 24 hours notice, whenever possible.  

One World Preschools will remain closed during and after a hurricane or storm until the building has electricity, running water and no debris inside the building.  

Our main priority is the safety of your children, and until the building is deemed safe. One World Preschools has the right to remain closed before, during and after a hurricane or threatening storm in order to ensure the safety of the children and staff. 

Circumstances When the School Does Not Accept a Child

When a child is unusually aggressive or violent towards other children or adults.  In such situations, parents are provided with clear reasons, including examples of unacceptable and/or dangerous behavior. 

When the child has a contagious disease, that may place others at risk. 

When the child is too ill and requires care the school cannot offer. 

When the school is full to the 91 limit of its license. However, certain classes, like the infant class – where children have needs requiring high staffing and constant attention – may become full quickly, requiring refusal of further children. 

Health, Accident and Emergency Procedures

When a Child becomes Sick

While all Teachers at One World Preschools have First Aid and Pediatric CPR training, they are not medical professionals and are not qualified to care for any child who appears ill. In addition, an ill child will certainly be uncomfortable in school, and contagious conditions may present a risk to other children 

Therefore, sick children must not be brought to the school. If they are you may be asked to take your child home.  

If a child becomes ill during the school day, the following procedures will be followed. 

Teachers will observe each child’s physical condition for symptoms of illness as he/she arrives at the school (including temperature checks) and periodically throughout the day.  If your child exhibits any of the symptoms of illness listed below – but not limited to these – they will be taken to a quite area, the Teacher will inform the Director/Manager, and you as the parent will be contacted immediately and asked to collect your child. 

  • If a child has a fever of 100° Fahrenheit or over. 
  • If a child displays symptoms of excessive tiredness.
  • If a child has 3 liquid bowel movements (diarrhea) in less than 24 hours.
  • If a child has gastro-enteritis (two liquid bowel movements combined -with vomiting).
  • If a child is vomiting with or without fever.
  • If a child has a sore throat with other signs present, i.e.- swollen glands, white spots on throat, etc.
  • If a child has breathing difficulties, i.e.- wheezing, wet, croupy or barking cough.
  • If a child has the initial onset of a cold with watery eyes and clear nasal drainage along with sneezing.
  • If a child has a cold with discolored nasal discharge and/or prolonged cough.
  • If a child has behavior that is different or irregular, i.e.- awake all night and crying, unusually tired, pale, lack of appetite, irritable or restless.
  • If a child has an undiagnosed and concerning skin eruption.
  • If a child has untreated scabies.
  • If a child has untreated impetigo (various pustular diseases of the skin).
  • If a child has German Measles.
  • If a child has Measles (all children who have not been vaccinated, must be vaccinated or withdrawn from school for two weeks).
  • If a child has Scarlet Fever, Whooping Cough, or Mumps.
  • If a child has intestinal parasites (worms, etc.)
  • If a child has untreated conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane which lines the inner surface of the eyelids).
  • If a child has untreated lice. 
  • If a child has untreated ear infection with a discharge.
  • If a child has fungus, thrush, or any other untreated skin infection. 

One World Preschools will always consult the Center for Disease Control (CDC) list of symptoms for Covid-19, and may ask for children to be picked up if they display any such symptoms. 

Returning to School following Sickness

Children may return to school when they are well again. However, in respect of the conditions below, only after a period of medical treatment and accompanied by a Doctor’s Statement saying the child is well enough again to attend. 

  • Covid-19 (2 weeks after diagnosis at least, and only with a Doctor’s note stating the virus has passed).
  • Scabies (24 hours after beginning the treatment).
  • Impetigo (24 hours after beginning the treatment).
  • German measles (6 days after the beginning of eruptions).
  • Measles (6 days after the beginning of eruptions).
  • Scarlet Fever (48 hours after beginning of treatment).
  • Whooping Cough (when a doctor decides the child can return to a group without risk of spreading disease to others).
  • At the end of gastro-enteritis (48 – 72 hours after).
  • Intestinal parasites (24 hours after the beginning of treatment).
  • Asthma (if controlled with medication).
  • Lice (24 hours after beginning of treatment).
  • Ear infection (after the beginning of treatment provided there is no discharge).
  • Conjunctivitis (24 hours after the beginning of treatment).
  • When the child does not have a wet cough, wheezing, barking or croupy cough.
  • When the child has been fever free for 24 hours.
  • When vomiting and/or diarrhea has completely stopped for 24 hours.
  • When the child does not have any more discolored nasal discharge. 

It will be at the discretion of the school’s Director and Manager when to accept a child back following illness. If there is any doubt of risk of contagion to other children the child may be refused entry. 


Parents are required to advise the Manager/Director and Teacher of their child’s class of any medication currently being taken by their child.  These medications would include any and all prescriptions and over the counter drugs including but not limited to cough and allergy medicines, pain relievers, decongestants, and fever reducers. 

One World Preschools will only administer specific medication to children that has been clearly prescribed by a Doctor. Such medication must be in the original bottle and/or packaging with the administering instructions and the prescribing Doctor clearly marked. Parents must provide written consent for One World Preschools to administer prescribed medication. Medications that are not prescribed by a Doctor will not be administered by One World Preschools. 

Accidents and Emergency Medical Care

Should your child require emergency medical care due to an accident, or for any other reason while at school, we will: 

  • Immediately call 911 for emergency medical assistance. 
  • Immediately call you as the parent, and provide as much detail as possible. 

As all Teachers are First Aid and Pediatric CPR trained we will provide what assistance we can, while others immediately call 911 and yourself. 

Following any and all accidents, whether serious or not, an Accident Report Form is always completed by the Teacher, which you will be presented with to inspect and sign as soon as possible.

Parent Participation

Parent participation reinforces ties between the home and the school. Communication with parents is an important component of our work with children. This parental input and involvement in school activities gives a strong, positive message of acceptance and support. All children enjoy parental visits and help in the classroom. Involvement opportunities are numerous and varied. Parents are welcome to visit the school any time and to call in if they have questions.  

Parents of new children may be asked to help integrate their child by spending some time in the class.   

Parents are encouraged to share special talents, their occupations, cultural heritage, and hobbies or interests with the children.  Parent volunteers are encouraged to assist with special projects, art and cooking activities, and story reading. 

Parent conferences with their child’s class Teacher are scheduled two times a year, with the first being very informal.  During these conferences, topics of discussion may include the child’s progress, developmental needs, educational program and any other concerns.  Parents should feel free to request a conference at times other than those designated.  Their child’s class Teacher should be contacted to arrange this meeting. 

Parents are invited to holiday celebrations and events we may hold with children, such as at Thanksgiving. 

Using the One World Preschools Hi Mama system all parents receive Daily Reports on the progress and development of their child. These are sent direct to parent’s own devices, and include narrative on naps, toileting, food, play and development linked to the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards, as well as photographs and even videos of first steps and other significant events. 

Parents can also send real time messages to their child’s Teacher, which will be received on the class ipad, and get responses back immediately. 

The exchange of information throughout the day provides a closer working partnership between parents and One World Preschools, which greatly benefits their children. 

Social Media

One World Preschools no longer uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media platform. 

Photographs and videos of children are uploaded to the secure and private Hi Mama accounts belonging to parents – who may if they decide, share them with relatives. However, there will be no sharing of any pictures and videos on any social media platforms by One World Preschools.

From time to time One World Preschools may request of parents that pictures of their children be used on our website or on printed advertising material or for this handbook. Such authorisation will be sought in writing, and no publication would ever take place without specific written authorisation of parents. 

Discipline Procedures

One World Preschools is predicated on the philosophy that each child is an individual with special needs, abilities, and interests.  This philosophy enters all aspects of the program including discipline.  Also, the fact that behavior is purposeful should lead all staff to seek the cause of behavior problems and act accordingly. 

Prior to, and conditional on continuing employment, all Teaching staff must sign a Child Discipline Policy, which expressly forbids all of the following:

  • Children shall not be subjected to discipline that is severe, humiliating or frightening. 
  • Children shall not be subjected to cruel, harsh, physical, or unusual punishments.
  • Children shall not be directed or permitted to discipline other children.
  • Children shall not be confined in any form of physical restraints, equipment, devices, or furniture, including, but not limited to, swings, walkers, and spinners.
  • Children shall not be punished for failure to eat, sleep, or toileting accidents.
  • Children shall not be confined in enclosed areas, including, but not limited to, a closets, locked rooms, boxes, or bathrooms.
  • Children shall not be subjected to profane language, physical or verbal threats, derogatory remarks, or any other form of verbal abuse.
  • Children shall not be subjected to any form of physical punishment, including, but not limited to, spanking, hitting, striking, biting, or pinching.
  • Children shall not be punished by with-holding food, rest, or use of the toilet.
  • Children shall not be prohibited from participating, or required to participate in, any physical activity as a method of punishment.  

The above policy is a requirement of Broward County, and the specifics are derived from their own guidance documents. 

One World Preschools Teachers always use fair and consistent discipline by which children learn to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and to have respect and compassion for other people. It is a positive practice that must be an essential part of a child’s development. 

One World Preschools has guidance techniques and strategies that are organized into three groups, depending on the individual child’s needs, age and understanding, and the specific circumstances.   

The first guidance technique is “explanation”.  This is the first action taken when a situation arises in the classroom which needs guidance or discipline.  Whenever possible the child(ren) will be taken aside and an explanation given about the situation or behavior that required attention.   

The second guidance technique is “redirection”.  This is used when a child has had a situation explained and/or there is a possibility of injury either to himself or others.  The child(ren) will be redirected to another area of play or activity. 

The third guidance technique is “reflection”.  Reflection requires a safe, positive space for the child to “cool down in, and reflect on their behavior with additional explanation. The space may be out of the classroom, with one to one attention from the Director or Manager. Once the child is calm, with an understanding to avoid further negative behaviors and adopt positive ones, they will return to the classroom. 

It is essential that the child gains insight from every guidance technique, to improve and learn. 

One World Preschools Teachers will follow the guidelines of Conscious Discipline, helping children to develop discipline within themselves rather than applying discipline to them. Teachers will help children progress from physical or verbal aggression to calm self-regulation, giving them the opportunity to make better choices and empathize with others. Teachers will see discipline as an opportunity to teach and create a safe environment for children. Teachers will ensure they are certain their responses develop kindness and self-respect, honor differences, solve problems and instill a sense of responsibility for choices. 

Discipline must never be delegated to any person other than qualified Teaching staff in the school. 

However, if a child’s behavior becomes so serious as to present a risk to themselves and/or other children, and such behavior cannot be controlled by Teaching staff, parents may be asked to withdraw their child from school. One World Preschools will work in positive partnership with parents in such circumstances, to help their child.  

Parental Complaints Procedures

One World Preschools values all positively expressed feedback, including complaints, as essential to improve our services for you and your child. 

It is our desire to rectify any misunderstandings that arise between employees, or with parents, through informal discussions whenever possible. It is only when such informal meetings fail to resolve differences that more formal procedures may be employed.  

Parents who have complaints about the conduct of and/or decisions made by employees or by the organization, may use these procedures to seek reassurance, clarification, satisfaction, and at times effect change when necessary and desirable 

The three stages of the One World Preschools complaints procedure are detailed below. 

Stage 1: Discussion with Teacher 

When any complaint is made it starts at this, Stage 1, of the Complaints Procedure. This first stage is informal, and all efforts must be made to resolve matters between the complainant and a Teacher (who may be the subject of the actual complaint).  

The details of the complaint, the resolution (if any), and any lessons learned at this informal stage must be recorded in writing by the Teacher, on the Complaints Procedure Form, and handed it to the Director and/or Admin Manager. 

This form will be filed on the Complaints File for future reference.

Stage 2: Discussion with the Director 

If a complaint cannot be resolved at Stage 1, it proceeds via the Complaints Procedure Form to the Director, who will seek to resolve matters formally by interviewing the complainant and the subject of the complaint, and negotiating a resolution if possible. 

 Again, the resolution (if any), and any lessons learned at this formal stage must be recorded in writing by the Director, on the Complaints Procedure Form, which must be handed to the owner. 

This form will be filed on the Complaints File for future reference. 

Stage 2 must take no longer than 5 working days to complete.

Stage 3: Review by the Organization

If the complaint cannot be resolved at Stage 2, it proceeds again via the Complaints Procedure Form to the owner, who will interview all parties again, examine all written evidence, and make a written final determination which will be distributed to both sides. 

This final determination will be filed in the Complaints File for future reference. 

Stage 3 must again take no longer than 5 working days to complete. 

If the complainant remains unsatisfied their complaint will be referred to Broward County Child Care Licensing and Enforcement for evaluation. 


One World Preschools staff commitment to children: 

  • Act in the best interests of all children to protect them from physical and emotional harm.
  • Respect the rights of children as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1991) and commit to advocating for these rights.
  • Recognize children as active citizens participating in different communities such as family, children’s services and schools.
  • Work with children to help them understand that they are global citizens with shared responsibilities to the environment and humanity.
  • Respect the special relationship between children and their families and incorporate this perspective in all my interactions with children.
  • Create and maintain safe, healthy environments, spaces and places, which enhance children’s learning, development, engagement, initiative, self-worth, and dignity, and show respect for their contributions.
  • Work to ensure children and families with additional needs can exercise their righAcknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all children, in recognition that enjoying their childhood without undue pressure is important.
  • Acknowledge the holistic nature of children’s learning and the significance of children’s cultural and linguistic identities.
  • Work to ensure children are not discriminated against on the basis of race, culture, national identity, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, family structure, ability, age, sex or gender.”
  • Acknowledge children as competent learners, and build active communities of engagement and inquiry.
  • Honor children’s right to play, as both a process and context for learning. 

One World Preschools Staff commitment to Families:

  • Listen to and learn from families, in order to acknowledge and build upon their strengths and competencies, and support them in their role of nurturing children.
  • Assist each family to develop a sense of belonging and inclusion.
  • Develop positive relationships based on mutual trust and open communication.
  • Develop partnerships with families and engage in shared decision making where appropriate.
  • Acknowledge the rights of families to make decisions about their children.
  • Respect the uniqueness of each family and strive to learn about their culture, structure, lifestyle, customs, language, beliefs and kinship systems.
  • Develop shared planning, monitoring and assessment practices for children’s learning and communicate this in ways that families understand.
  • Acknowledge that each family is affected by the community contexts in which they engage.
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect the right of the family to privacy. 

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