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Voluntary Pre-K in Pompano Beach

Voluntary Pre-K in Pompano Beach: What Parents Need to Know

Having a child is a life changing experience. Each day brings new challenges and triumphs as we try to raise our children with the best possible chance at a bright future. We are their first teachers, coaxing out their first words, guiding their first steps, and watching as they conquer each new milestone. One such milestone many parents dread is the first day of school. For some, this marks the end of one stage of life and the beginning of a new, more independent one. While we want our children to go forward into their education and thrive, it can be hard to know how to do that. Voluntary Pre-K in Pompano Beach, also known as VPK, can give your child the head start they need for an easy transition into their school career. 

Is VPK right for you and your child? Is this something I can do at home? How do VPK programs differ from one another? These and dozens of other questions undoubtably cross your mind when considering enrollment into a preschool in Pompano Beach. Don’t worry—we here at One World Preschools have your back. Here’s everything parents need to know about VPK. 

V is for Voluntary 

As a parent, you are your child’s first advocate. You understand them more than anyone else, and as such, you can make the best decision on their behalf. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is exactly what it sounds like: an optional program designed to help children prepare for the next stage of life as a student. 

That being said, understanding the benefits of VPK is important to making an informed decision. While VPK is offered at child care centers in Pompano Beach, this is more than just daycare. Your child is engaged in fun and challenging cognitive and behavioral activities to help them gain the skills they will need once they enter elementary school. These skills include: 

  • Language and communication 
  • Socialization and social learning 
  • Understanding classroom routines and behaviors 
  • Understanding rules and regulations 
  • Early literacy and math skills, and more. 

While your child may be wonderful at listening to you or learning under your guidance, giving them exposure to different environments and experiences is vital to their development as a well-rounded person. Voluntary preschool programs help to establish school as a safe, positive place and teachers as trustworthy authority figures in your child’s life. This helps to reduce separation anxiety and behavioral issues down the road when it’s time for Kindergarten. 

What Does the School Day Look Like?

In Florida, VPK programs are required to provide 540 instructional hours over the course of the school year. During this free educational program, students focus on language, literacy, and other skills that will help to establish a foundation for the future.  

At One World Preschools, we offer Voluntary Preschool in Pompano Beach from 9 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday to help establish the school routine. Lunch is included as a part of the school day. Free child care is available for VPK students before class begins, however additional charges apply for after school care services beginning at 1 PM. We maintain small class sizes to ensure each child gets the individual attention they need to succeed.  

We are a Gold Seal Quality Care Program which acknowledges our nationally recognized APPLE accreditation. Our teachers are multilingual, speaking English, Creole, and Spanish. They are highly qualified and complete at least 30 hours of continued education each year to ensure we provide the best learning experience for our students.  

When Can I Register My Child for VPK? 

You can register your child for Voluntary pre-K in Pompano Beach with One World Preschools today! Registration is open for children who will be at least four years old by January 2, 2020. If your child does not meet this deadline, contact us today for information about our special program. 

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