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Five Benefits of VPK Childcare

The formative early years of any child’s life are a time for exploring and learning more about the world around them. As parents, our job is to help guide their growth into a well-rounded, responsible person. This begins from day one, but is perhaps most important during the toddler and young childhood years.  

The first five years of a child’s life are the most fundamentally important. During this time a child’s brain develops more than during any other point in their lifetime.  While most of this growth contributes to learning how to navigate the world and communicate, it is important that we use this time to plant the seeds for education and understanding in the future. That’s where Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, or VPK, can be extremely beneficial. 

Here are the five primary benefits of VPK childcare: 

A Head Start on Education 

A good education is the best foundation a parent can give their child for the future. More than just memorizing facts and taking tests, education teaches critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be crucial in adulthood. VPK in Pompano Beach is the beginning of the path to a bright future. By enrolling your child in VPK, you give them an advantage when it’s time to start real schooling.  

A Foundation for Learning 

Transitioning into a new routine like starting school can be jarring for any child. New environments with new rules and authority figures can be confusing and scary, potentially leading to behavioral issues and separation anxiety which ultimately take away from the learning experience of kindergarten. Through VPK in Pompano, One World Preschools help make that transition smoother and more seamless by gradually introducing the change in dynamics. Because VPK programs are usually integrated with traditional childcare services, your child is not overwhelmed with too much information and stimulation at once. Learning in the classroom environment only occurs for a few hours per day, allowing for time to process and adjust as they go. 

Routine and Classroom Skills 

A primary benefit of VPK programs is the easy, no pressure introduction of the classroom environment to young children. During this time, children learn about assigned seats, the proper way to get a teacher’s attention, and conflict resolution skills among peers. One World Preschools encourage co-operation and skill building together. We encourage curiosity, friendship, respect, and self-esteem while also teaching children skills necessary for success in school.  


VPK in Pompano with One World Preschools gives your child the opportunity to socialize with children in their age range while in a classroom environment. This is especially beneficial for children who do not have siblings or other children they can interact with regularly, as it helps them develop social skills and confidence outside of the home. The socialization benefits of VPK also extends to other adults. Children in VPK programs learn to trust and rely on designated non-family members as a safe resource for help. 

Fostering Independence 

While we all want to hold on to our babies forever, watching them grow up and experience newer stages of life is an adventure in itself. VPK in Pompano can be their firsts step in gaining a bit more independence and coming more into themselves. Learning to be self-reliant and exist beyond the parental bubble for a few hours plants the seed for self-assurance. 

Give your child the best possible chance for the future. Contact One World Preschools today for more information about our VPK program.

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