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Get to Know One World Preschools: Child Care Near Me

Preschool is the beginning of your child’s educational care. Many early lessons are learned during this time, such as engaging, social interactions, necessary skills, and growth development. Your child is precious to you. Of course, most parents search for ‘childcare near me,’ but what makes childcare special? As parents of little ones, what are key components that make you feel safe and your child feel excited? One World Preschools considers all of these questions when arranging a curriculum and environment. Their facility brings children, parents, and staff together to create a positive and secure environment for all.

What Makes this Child Care Near Me Different?

One World Preschools links together early childhood learning, daycare, and bilingual language into one. The integration of small groups and one-on-one attention helps to expand a child’s awareness and understanding of social dynamics. Many preschools are focused only on group environments. However, the experts at the preschool understand how crucial it is for every child to feel heard and understood, hence, the mixture of the two environments.

The facility also offers a plethora of programs targeted towards early development and growth. There are many different activities throughout the day that are meant to strengthen mental capabilities. Each activity is also intended to be engaging and entertaining so that they stay curious while still absorbing essential knowledge. An example of this type of exercise would be reading and writing on phonemic awareness or art movement and music.

Support is vital to One World Preschools. Building social skills and self-esteem can help a child reach for the stars as they get older. The early foundational building blocks are what set the stage for a positive future. If you’re searching for, ‘childcare near me,’ the professionals at One World Preschools encourage you to take a look and call now. There’s nothing more important than a child’s safety and education. With the knowledge, experience, and care it takes to make a big difference, One World Preschools is a top choice. Contact 408-842-4148 today, as admissions for 2018 are now open!

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