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Voluntary Pre-K in Pompano Beach

Where to Find VPK Enrollment in Pompano Beach

Finding voluntary prekindergarten, or VPK enrollment in Pompano Beach isn’t an easy search.  Your little one is important to you, and that means finding only the top programs and facilities.  VPK programs ranges from 12 weeks to 4 years old. Parents might be surprised to learn that those ages are crucial learning years, but where can you find a location that offers genuine care and full educational access? One World Preschool provides top quality care and learning when it comes to VPK enrollment in Pompano Beach.   

Where to go for VPK Enrollment in Pompano Beach  

One World Preschools is a pre-kindergarten facility that offers an abundance of services. First and foremost, they have a passion for children, and they pride themselves in helping these little ones grow, learn, and integrate. One World Preschools understands that these years are pivotal to growth and that the information your child soaks in is forever. Their team promotes a healthy lifestyle, bilingual speakers, art, and educational courses in order to provide a well-rounded environment.

Children can play outside for exercise, participate in art classes to feed the imagination, and also gain an upper hand by learning math, language, environmental awareness, science, technology, and engineering early on. Having the basics before officially starting kindergarten puts your child on the right path. The things they learn at One World Preschools will set them up successfully and socially for years to come.  

At One World Preschool we also know there’s more to life than education, and some educational situations cannot be taught in a classroom. The childcare professionals at One World Preschools provide opportunities for young ones to grow socially, physically, and emotionally. They understand that it’s important to encourage children, and pay attention to their needs, preferences, and interests.  

One World Preschools is now offering VPK Enrollment in Pompano Beach. Their times from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm are free, as are their 7:00 am to 9:00 am VPK preschool care. There are fees for after VPK preschool care, though they are priced affordably. If you’re looking for a place to send your child, contact the child care professionals at One World Preschools. Their teachers follow a Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies, which empowers children to participate in self-directed activities and hands-on learning. Give your little one a chance for a head start, while they simultaneously build friendships and express themselves! Call 954-782-2874 today, and enroll in VPK.

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